JUPON FOUNDATION Patented process

Made from the gel of a fruit called Quince.
Oil free, water based.

Juponfs foundation is unique in the world. It is made from the gel of a fruit native to the middle east called eQuincef.

Quince seeds are boiled and filtered to produce the natural gel.
The gel itself has moisturizing and emollient effects.
Jupon Foundation is proud of the following points:
Basis materials are herbal and plant extracts.
Oil free.
Moisturizing effects.
Makeup base is not necessary.
Ultimate skin-care treatment.
Safe for all types of skin, even the most sensitive.
Protection from UV rays.
Luminous skin.
Natural looking.
Which foundation would you prefer?
Aqua foundation
Oil-based foundation
Several drops of foundation are put into water and stirred.
Aqua foundation       Oil-based foundation
Aqua foundation (Left)
----- Jupon foundation
Does not form a layer on the surface of the water, harmonizes with water.
Because the surface of the skin is aquatic, it is not necessary to use makeup base when applying Jupon foundation.
Oil-based foundation(Right)
Does not mix with water. Because the surface of the skin is aquatic, it is necessary to use a makeup base in order to keep the oil based foundation on the skin.
Our PATENTED PROCESS, created a water-based foundation formulated with essence of herbal and plant extracts.
Oil is blended into most foundation to prevent evaporation of moisture. In order to do this, the film of oil is stretched over the skinfs surface.
Although we canft hear it, the skin is crying for help. Oil oxidizes (burns) the skin with the penetration of UV rays, causing spots and preventing the skin from breathing.
It is the old belief that moisture in the skin must be maintained by covering with an oil-based foundation. This is not correct. Jupon's foundation has proved that the skin can stay moistened all day even though it is oil free.
This is because the basis ingredients are blended, quince seed gel combined with six different herbal and plant extracts. These essences not only moisten the skin but keep it in a healthier state.
JUPON Foundation is positioned in the terminal point of skin care instead of the starting point of makeup.
It is the opposite of traditional foundations. Usually, active ingredients are simply blended into the foundation; they are not the basic ingredients. Jupon's foundation is itself the essence of active ingredients, the only foundation formulated under a PATENTED PROCESS.