Main ingredients
Action of quince seed gel
The gel covers gently the skin and prevents evaporation.
Simultaneously, the gel itself moisturizes the skin.
Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract
Moisturizes and protects the skin from inflammation, ultraviolet rays, allergies, and pimples.
The effects of six herbal plant extracts
Skin is moistened.
Metabolism of skin is normalized.
Rough skin is smoothened.
Six extracts are chosen from the following herbal plants and blended in every Juponfs item.
Hypericum Horse chestnut Red grape Arnica
Nettele Elderberry Arnica Cucumber
Mallow Witch hazel Ivy
Special ingredients
Stable type of Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an instable ingredient that can easily be destroyed and degenerated inside a cosmetic bottle. When applied to the skin, by the time it penetrates, the substance may already be destroyed. However, Jupon completely conquered this weak point and uses a stable type of vitamin C. Therefore, it can continue to provide it's healthful effect over a long time after penetrating the skin.
Extracted from a special kind of licorice found only in certain areas of Russia. It is extracted in very limited quantities, so, Glabridin has been said to be even more precious than gold.
A notable effect is that it removes spots to the utmost degree. It is 60 times more effective as compared to Kojic Acid.
Fumus Extract
It is an extremely rare natural ingredient extracted from the humus soil of mined oceanic climate which was the sea in the old days@and contained abundant minerals, amino acids, enzymes given by nature.

This natural substance activates skin. Also, exhausts the extra substances contained in the skin including the stagnant waste materials. Swelling and slack will be improved from the skin quickly.

The action of the natural soil extract is so much mysterious. It removes the unnecessary material from the skin while sending the natural substance to the skin.
EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor)
In those days when EGF was discovered, it was used in the medical field; in order to reproduce the skin that suffered a burn.

In 1986, a Novel Prize was awarded as a recognition for the effective results.
It has a high effect to promote activation of the skinfs surface metabolism; the growth of the epidermic cell.

For the clear results of its effects, EGF has being used in the medical field which assures itfs efficacy.
Retinol Palmitate
Is wonderfully effective in minimizing wrinkles.
It can reach even the derma where skinfs cells are born.

Retinol Palmitate promotes the reproduction of collagen.
Centella Saponin
Also very effective in reducing wrinkles.
Like Retinol palminate, it reproduces collagen and amplifies the moisture in the skin.
In the medical world , it has been used to treat burns.
Juponfs special Powder
Skin is effectively protected from UV rays.
Natural looking.