Jupon produces natural cosmetics for bridal makeup , the most beautiful and memorable day for women since its inception in 1976.
Bridal makeup by Jupon cosmetics harmonizes with either the kimono or gown very well.
Jupon liquid foundation is water based, so it is easily washed off even if it were to inadvertently stain the outfit.
Jupon liquid foundation turns to powder upon application to the skin. The powder repels any sweat or tears through its unique manufacturing process and the makeup remains intact.
Jupon foundation stays on the skin without the support of a makeup base.
It does not disturb the cutaneous respiration and metabolism because it's water base prevents oily layer on the skin. It's main ingredients are herbal plant gel and extracts.
The individual complexion is easily and freely created by mixing the Three Colors Set or other colors.
Therefore, Jupon foundation is also popular in many other countries.
Moreover, it is especially popular among stage performers as well as film actresses or dancers for its amazing ability to adapt to any complexion.

Wedding Color 80ml/\3,000
This is offered for use in bridal makeup. It may also be used for stage makeup actors and dances. It is mixed with Special Foundation to achieve the skin tone desired.
Main Ingredient; Six different herbal and plant extracts
Jupon's special powder
Wedding brush \1,200 Wedding puff \400